(integrating V&V in MDE)
Associated with MoDELS’07, Nashville, TN, USA



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Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) is a development process that extensively uses models and automatic model transformations to handle complex software developments. Many software artefacts, tools, environments and modelling languages have to be developed to make MDE a reality. Consequently, there is a crucial need for effective V&V techniques in this new context. Furthermore, the novelty of this development paradigm gives rise to questions concerning its impacts on traditional V&V techniques, and how they can leverage this new approach. The objective of this workshop is to offer a forum for researchers and practitioners who are developing new approaches to V&V in the context of MDE. Major questions that cross-cut V&V and MDE include: Is the result of a transformation really what the user intended? Is the model correct with respect to the expected security, time, and structural constraints? What models can be used for validation or for verification? Does the implementation, generated after several model transformations, conform to the initial requirements? In order to discuss these problems, we would like to invite submissions related to the following topics:

  • V&V techniques for MDE activities, i.e., V&V of model transformations, code generation, etc
  • V&V at the level of the model: techniques for validating a model or generating test cases from models, including simulation, model-checking, model-based testing, etc.
  • The application of MDE to validation, testing and verification
  • Impact analysis of model changes on validation. What is the result of a change in a model on the previous results of validation?
  • Tools and automation
  • V&V techniques supporting refinement, abstraction and structuring
  • Case Studies and Experience Reports.
  • Call for papers in pdf.


    Submitted papers must not exceed 10 pages in the LNCS format. Each paper will be reviewed by three reviewers. The papers will be published in the workshop’s proceedings with an ISBN number. Moreover, the two best papers will be published in the LNCS Satellite Event Proceedings of the MoDELS conference.
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